Educational Support and Community Outreach Program 501 (c) (3)

Educational and extracurricular support for schools, families, and community outreach. We offer ”CES” for students, and “Parent Coffee House” for parents and caregivers.

Curriculum Developer for Academic Institutions of Learning, Extended Education Programs, and Homeschooling

Highly trained educational consultant devoted to creating instructional materials that teachers or instructors can use in the classroom, or home, to facilitate student learning (from early childhood to adolescent to adult). State and National Standards are converged, with 30 years of experience, to develop and construct innovative curricula that applies a student-centered, teacher/educator facilitated approach to learning and assimilation of keen information. The curriculum is designed to be content-based and experiential in nature, which integrates practical real-life scenarios as a bases for acquiring knowledge more readily.

Professional Development for Teachers (Teacher Trainer)

Instruction on the policies, procedures, and provisions designed to equip teachers with the knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and skills required to perform expected tasks constructively in the classroom. We design standard-based training material that observes the “Standards for Professional Learning” as a reference guide – these standards serve as indicators that guide the learning, facilitation, implementation and evaluation of effective professional learning. New teacher mentorship is also provided to assist new teachers how to productively adapt into their school climate and culture, creative curriculum writing techniques, classroom management strategies, and effective communication skills.

Youth Leadership, Career Education Support (CES) and Transition

Produce purposeful youth programs that support social-emotional factors governing positive youth development and achievement. The program’s intention is to help young scholars gain the 8 important skills that are valuable in leadership, which in turn will have a lasting and useful impact on their lives: decision making, goal setting, problem solving, relationship-building, communicating, listening, and self-awareness. These are significant and essential career qualities needed as they grow into adulthood and join the workforce. We infuse Positive Youth Development’s (PYD) 8 Key Factors and Experiences into the learning process. Our “transition” focused module includes youths coming out of the juvenile and criminal justice system.

Family, School and Community Engagement

Design strategies and implementation methods for family and community initiatives that support school-based family outreach, coordination of community partnerships, and parent/caregiver leadership and advocacies; to include Parent Engagement, Workshops and Committees.

Parent Alliance

Statistics have found that students whose parents are involved in their education are most likely to earn higher grades and test scores, better attendance, healthier social skills, and higher graduation rates. Okonta Solutions' Parent Alliance is designed to encourage parents to get more connected in the educational process of their child. The workshops are tailored towards providing parents with current and resourceful information such as “Planning and Paying for College,” “Know Your Rights as Parents in the Schools,” “Chronic Absenteeism,” "The Option of Homeschooling," and more.

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