Educational Support Services
and Community Outreach

CES – Career Educational Support

  • Post-Secondary Choices - College vs. University, Internships, Trade Schools, On-the-Job-Training, Mentorship, and Virtual Learning.
  • College Essays - Important Components of a College Essay, Writing Strategies (narrative, expository, descriptive, and argumentative), and Formatting/Construction Rules.
  • Youth Leadership and Sustainability - Community Service Initiatives, Civic Engagement, Youth Councils and Environmental Awareness, Agri-STEM, and Peer Education.
  • Workforce Readiness - GED Prep, Career Education and Development, and Workplace Skills.
  • GED for English Language Learners - Content-based English learning instruction that prepares credentialing through integration of HSE material.

#Hashtag Team 


  • Leadership and Fitness through Double-Dutch Sport - Skills developed: Synchronous Coordination, Collaboration, Self-esteem, Teamwork, Calisthenics, and Strength Conditioning.

Parent outreach program that’s designed to empower parents / caregivers with the tools to become active members in their child’s educational process; through our active parent engagements, we host a myriad of informational workshops / meetings that include;

  • Financial Aid for College
  • Chronic Absenteeism
  • Understanding Your Child’s Report Card
  • How to Have an Effective Parent-Teacher’s Night
  • Understanding Your Parental Rights
  • Community Resources and Support Services
Parent Coffee House

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