Executive/Leadership Coaching

Facilitation of purposeful achievement through re-skilling and/or upskilling career coaching for individuals, professionals and organizations.

Executive/Leadership Coaching

Learning/Training and Development for Large and Small Businesses, Government Agencies, Hospitality Sector and Municipal Employees

Plan, train, direct and coordinate programs to enhance the knowledge, skills and performance of an organization’s employees and support staff. Employing an Andragogy (learner structured) approach that encourages divergent thinking and focuses on reflecting and doing.

Executive Coaching for Top Managers and High Potential Employees (C-Suite)

Assist professionals in the workplace to facilitate improvements in their productivity; aid organizational changes which involves a recently promoted executive, manager or employee to help them adapt to their newly assigned roles effectively.

Career/Job Coaching, Planning and Counseling for Women

Counsel and guide clients (divorcees, widows, housewives entering the workforce, career transition and "re-entry candidates;" to include 1st time ex-offenders) by skillfully using a series of activities, processes and career assessment tools intended to realistically manage one’s career goals and aspirations.

Specialize English Language Coaching for International and ESOL Clients – *Industry English

English for Business and English for Specific Purposes (EFB and ESP) - a specialization within English language learning and teaching or international English. EFB - designed for non-native English speakers who wish to study the subject with the goal of doing business with English-speaking countries, or with companies located outside the English-speaking world but uses English as a shared language (lingua franca). The objective is to reach a mutual agreement. In such cases, the aim of this training is efficient and functional communication. ESP - refers to teaching English to people already in employment, with focus on one specific occupation or profession; e.g., Okonta Solutions provides training in Hotel/Tourism Industry English, to include English for Housekeeping, to better serve guests and provide efficient management communication. *Okonta Solutions can tailor a specific Industry English class for any particular area of business a client may desire (Marketing, Sales, Management, Office Administration, Finance, Banking, Gas and Oil Sector, etc.).

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