Robin prides herself in the commitment to communicate with each student/client, realizing their uniqueness and varying learning styles. As a Native New Yorker, which is a “melting pot,” a fusion of cultures, nationalities and ethnicities; it was imperative to incorporate diverse approaches to learning application and assimilation. She wanted to be sure that everyone who enrolled in her class felt important as a significant part of the whole.

As a graduate of the State University College at Buffalo, formerly Teacher’s College, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business and Distributive Education, Robin received various honor awards and an academic scholarship to pursue her graduate degree in school administration. It was during her young college years that Robin became privy to the inevitable changing dynamics of the common classroom. This awareness motivated her to do advance research, post-graduate, and study in “cross-cultural” education and the development of successful training programs that are modified best for active learning and tangible comprehension. The outcome results in a broader reach which in turn consequences a valuable accomplishment for all students.

Past Experience

With over 25 inspiring years in the field of academia, Robin’s experience ranges from pre-kindergarten to adolescents to adult. She owned and operated an international private preparatory preschool and after-school program for community youths for 11 years. This preschool had a very strong literacy program where children were taught phonics at an early age. A percentage of 99.9% of the children who graduated from her school went on to gifted and talented programs or were a year or two above their classmates. The motivation behind having such a strong literacy component was signaled from a student that Robin had the pleasure to teach that couldn’t read. Sadly, he was in her 9th grade class. This affected her and gave the encouragement to launch a private preparatory preschool that educated children early, at the foundation.

With varying degrees in education, Robin was able to “spread her wings” into a myriad of academic environments. She is a certified business educator and curriculum developer for all academic levels and community youth programs, a project administrator and adjunct professor for higher education, adult education instructor, a consultant for profit and non-profit organizations, and a pioneering entrepreneur.

Past Projects

There were many projects and contracts fulfilled during the 25+ years of hands-on experience in this essential career. Everywhere Robin was commissioned to demonstrate her talent, she left no stone unturned, continually being recognized and applauded for her creative work and attentive dedication. These included: the owner and director of a private preschool for children and after-school program for school-aged youths, writing and implementing syllabi for displaced workers for the Town of Hempstead, appointed to operate and manage a new initiative - "Office Skills for Women" for Grace Institute, introduction of new courses for Westbury High School’s Business Department, and for the past 14 years, developing programs for St. John’s University’s extended education grant programs. Robin also designed and performed training for NYS Department of Education’s mandatory Professional Development for teachers and administrators. In addition, she developed a K-5 Youth Leadership curriculum for NYC Summer Youth Program (Generation Next) and trained teachers on how to successfully implement the modules.


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  • Innovative Curriculum Designer
  • Strategic Learning and Development Consultant
  • Insightful Career Educator and Workforce Readiness Trainer
  • Resourceful Community Relations Liaison
  • Devoted Youth Leadership Advisor
  • Accomplished Educator and Lecturer
  • Enterprising Entrepreneur

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